sawfish, eclipse, and the retreating cursor

I've been trying to learn Eclipse, and have faced a puzzling issue:
Whenever i dismiss or complete an Eclipse popup or dialog of any kind,
the mouse cursor moves to the upper left corner of the main Eclipse
window. Also, when a new popup appears, it's centered over the upper
left corner of the main window along w/the cursor.

It's taken me forever to figure out that this is a Sawfish issue, not
Eclipse. I verified my guess by switching to another WM for a bit. It
all checks out. Sawfish is the culprit.

Is there any way, short of disabling the 'warp' behavior, to fix this
issue? I guess i can run Eclipse in it's own vnc with a different WM,
but that'll get realy annoying. Any ideas?


Eric Holbrook [e]eholbrook austin rr com [m]512/657-0043 [h]512/733-1690

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