Re: Has someone around 500 fonts installed?

On Jan 21, 2008 1:46 PM, Janek Kozicki <janek_listy wp pl> wrote:
> Andrea Vettorello said:     (by the date of Mon, 21 Jan 2008 11:19:34 +0100)


> and when I start a new X session `startx -- :2` I don't notice any
> speed difference or crashes. So If point (1.) is correct then we can
> assume that all installed fonts were detected by xserver. I looked at
> sawfish font dialog - there were a lot of fonts, but I didn't count
> if it was about 500... hard to say. I did notice some interesting
> fonts - eg.: the ones used by TeX were in this dialog box!
> so I didn't reproduce this bug.

Ok, i've tried to add some hundreds of TTF in the user ~/.fonts dir
(something more than 800) and i've done the extra step to configure X
to use them via XFS but i couldn't reproduce it. I didn't noticed any
slowdown either.

To be fair, X picked the extra fonts regardless if the XFS line was
present or not in my xorg.conf, so i'm not sure if i've replicated the
same scenario of the submitter, but i'm tempted to close it anyway.



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