Re: [README] Progress of 1.5.0 (renaming, configure rework, ebuild notes)

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 10:55:31PM +0100, Christopher Bratusek wrote:
> On the other hand so or so _no_ distro, that is not dead or
> ancient, does ship XFree86 anymore ... so I'm not for adding
> checks back. any comments on this?

Well, at least RHEL 4.x/CentOS 4.x, and with 3.x still beeing
maintained so these will be around for a while and surely not dead,
are using XFree86.  How relevant is that here is another question
but you asked.

I have no idea what else but interfaces have a nasty habit of
sticking around much longer than you expected.

> We also have a .spec file inside the source-dir, so there's no
> reason to reject an ebuild.

That has the last changelog entry from
"Tue Jun 12 2000" so it may have some issues.  The one which
I am using "for real" is somewhat different; not entirely but ...


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