[README] Progress of 1.5.0 (renaming, configure rework, ebuild notes)

Hi all,

I just wanted to say, that I made a Major rework of configure.in, which looks now much better,
which makes maintainance easier.  Currently this rework breaks build with XFree86 instead of X.Org,
I _may_ add that back, but: GTK+ has been synced with X.Org 7 several times (mostly in gdk) and the
last time XFree86 was mentioned in GTK+ was in 2.4 times, so does anybody now, if GTK+ does still
compile on XFree86, I guess not, if so, there's no need to add those checks back. On the other hand
so or so _no_ distro, that is not dead or ancient, does ship XFree86 anymore ... so I'm not for adding
checks back. any comments on this?

Either way, you're strongly encouraged to test the new configure script. If you use 'svn up' you may need to
run 'make distclean' first, because of the renamed files, compilation will work then again. (I had to do so).

Furthermore it's now fully renamed from sawmill (any reference, in the copyright, in the filenames or in the functions)
User noticable changes caused by rename:

A) sawmill-defaults is now sawfish-defaults
    (require 'sawmill-defaults) with (require 'sawfish-defaults) in your ~/.sawfishrc (if it's in there)

B) ~/.sawmillrc is no longer a valid configuration file, it will not be read anymore.
    If you really still use that file, simply rename it to ~/.sawfishrc

In the specfile and sawfish-about the homepage has been corrected.
The ebuild now holds the copyright info and includes some "configure-magic".

@ Harald van Dijk

We also have a .spec file inside the source-dir, so there's no reason to reject an ebuild.
Furthermore it's not the same then gentoo's, this one is updated for recent changes immediately

For example: Later on I'll drop libgnome, libgnomeui and libgnomecanvas and glade from rep-gtk bindings,
since they're not necassary for sawfish, and all 4 are marked as deprecated for a long time now. So our
ebuild will the no longer offer the gnome USEFLAG. So there is a reason for keeping an ebuild on our own.

@ Teika Kazura

... sorry for the dump question, but may I ask for your real name? no matter if you tell me, I'm just interested :)

Just wanted to tell you.

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