Re: trayer crashes sawfish


can you still reproduce this crash? I've found a way to get a very
useful debugging information from crashes, but it is simplest to do
with debian. Do you use debian? See my other post in another thread.
If you can get debug info like me, we could find the root cause of
this crash.

instructions shortly:

1. create librep-dbg and rep-gtk-dbg packages and install them (see other
thread), only difference is that it should be:

      Depends: librep9 (= ${binary:Version})

   Rodrigo missed '9' here. Also make sure that sawfish-dbg is installed.

2. then compile librep and rep-gtk, do this very analogous to:

   just replace "sawfish" with "librep", etc.. ; and skip steps 3,4,5

3. start screen
 $ export DISPLAY=:0
 $ ulimit -c unlimited
 $ valgrind sawfish > vg-all-mesgs 2>&1
after crash:
 $ gdb --eval-command=bt `which sawfish` ./vgcore.10238 > vg-sawfish-backtrace

4. now you have very useful files vg-all-mesgs and vg-sawfish-backtrace

5. we will need exact version numbers of packages that you used here:
sawfish, librep, rep-gtk. Because those two files
(vg-sawfish-backtrace, vg-all-mesgs) will be pointing to a line in
the source code in a certain file, where the crash happened. And
source code changes a lot, and so the line numbers. So we must be
sure that we are looking at exactly the same source code that was
used on your computer, so that the line numbers will match.

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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