trayer crashes sawfish

I'm not sure if it's a trayer or sawfish issue but will first ask you
guys if anyone can reproduce the problem at all.

I'm running sawfish 1.3.1 without gnome and needed a standalone tray
utility so started to use trayer
I downloaded the source from debian, also a necessary patch, compiled
and ran it.

Everything seems fine, the tray works and docks the icons (nm-applet,
battery usage, skype, etc) but as soon as I press the middle mouse
button on the background in order to bring up the sawfish main menu,
sawfish crashes. This means that windows don't get focus, edge
flipping stops working, etc. The only thing I can do is Ctrl+Alt+F1 to
terminal mode, killall -9 trayer, Ctrl+Alt+F7 back to GUI mode and
then observe that sawfish is still dead, the headers of the windows
are black, etc. Then go back to terminal mode, killall -9 sawfish, and
restart X.

So my questions are:

1. Does anybody use trayer + sawfish?
2. If yes, does it work properly?
3. If not, what tray application do you use (I tried stalonetray but
it's very buggy, exiting an application like rhythmbox and restarting
it again for example causes the rhythmbox icon to not appear on the
tray. I have to kill stalonetray, restart it, in order to get
rhythmbox show up again.)?
4. If you've never used trayer, can you please try compiling it and
seeing whether you have the same problem as me?

Thanks very much,

Psss, psss, put it down! -

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