Re: [IMPORTANT] Proposed Goals for next release - 1.3.6 or 1.5.0?

Christopher Bratusek <nano-master gmx de> writes:
> For example when you use GEdit for editing HTML Code and
> need an color-picker for getting #xxxxx color-codes,
> you would have to switch between both windows all the time, instead you
> merge the color-picker into GEdit's frame an have both
> available in the same frame and can access them at the same time.

It remains unclear to me how merged windows are supposed to be managed
inside the frame.  Will they be overlapping windows with internal
frames like Windows MDI?  Or something else like tiled or tabbed?
John refers to the Mac as an example but I am unfamiliar with that.

If we implement alternative window management methods such as tiling
or tabbing inside these container frames, some people might want to
use those alternative methods for the top level, sort of emulating
Ion.  Should they be able to?  At least it seems that the feature
proposed here and tabbed windows should share quite a bit of code, as
both provide the capability to combine windows inside a single frame.

Implementing an alternative window management policy is likely to
involve quite a bit of work, as John also noted.  Tabbing is fairly
easy, but tiling is already rather complicated: the user should be
able to reconfigure the layout and resize the parts.  Focus policy
also requires some thinking.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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