Re: Latest gentoo linux ebuilds

On Sun, 28 Dec 2008 14:03:34 +0100, Harald van Dijk wrote:

> My apologies to Teika Kazura, since he was probably not the one who
> uploaded the ebuilds, it was someone else using the same e-mail domain.
> The rest of my message stands.

No apology is necessary. In fact, it's me, Teika Kazura, who 
uploaded them to Gentoo bugzilla. I'm sorry for my careless act.
(I didn't know how to do with cvs/svn id line with date and version,
and I deleted it *together with* copyright lines.)
Thank you for your long time work in Gentoo & sawfish.

And to Chris,
> If you would like to include the ebuilds, with appropriate copyright
> notices, then there's no problem, though it probably *won't help much*.
(I have put *'s.)

Harald is correct. Ebuild file is necessary *out of* tarball, and 
decides how to download tarball, to run configure with which options,
etc. So having one in svn is harmless, but also scarcely usefull.

Teika kazura

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