[ANNOUNCE] sawfish 1.3.5 released

Hi all,

A brand-new release of sawfish is available.

== 1.3.5 ==

   * New/Updated requirements:
        - librep 0.14 -> 0.17

        - rep-gtk 0.18 -> 0.18.3

   * New features:
        - Support _NET_WM_USER_TIME by Hellmut Eller

        - Added ATK-A11Y Support by Shobbit Marthur

        - Added Viewport-Boundary by Christopher Bratusek

        - Added Error-Handler "both" by Christopher Bratusek

        - Added 2 new Buttonlayouts to Crux "complete" and "complete
          inverse" by Christopher Bratusek

        - Honour ICCCM Aspect Ratio by Andrea Vettorello

        - Expose all Keybindings in SawfishUI by Christopher Bratusek

        - Added Animated Viewport Scrolling by Fernando Carmona Varo

        - Also expose the "Stagger" and "Off-Center" placement-modes

        - Add a new hook: "before-slide-hook" by Andrea Vettorello

        - Expose all smart placement-modes, "Best-Fit",
          "Best-Fit-Group", "First-Fit-Or-Interactively" by Christopher

        - Better GNOME Integration by Christian Marillat

   * Bugfixes:
        - Minimum pango version is 1.8.0 not 1.16.0 by Christopher

        - Fix Installation of mxflat by Michal Jaegermann

   * Other Changes:
        - Remove all ^L in the source by Teika Kazura

        - Small Code-cleanup to make build with "-Wall -ansi -pedantic"
          possible again (also requires recent librep for this to work)

        - Major Documentation Update by Derek Upham

        - updated the shipped config.sub and config.guess by
          Christopher Bratusek

== Download ==

Get it from the usual place: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=32


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