enter-exit focus mode and warping

Hi, reading the info manual I see this in chapter Windows, article Input

          Warp the cursor to the window if doing so would make the
          cursor position "consistent" with the focus mode.  For
          example, in `enter-exit' mode we warp the cursor if it is not
          already in this window.  In `enter-only' mode, we warp the
          cursor if it is in another window, but not if it is over the
          desktop--a window would not lose focus when the cursor moved
          from it to the desktop.

This doesn't seem to be true, when switching focus by keyboard cycling,
sawfish will happily leave the cursor in the "old focus" window.  Since
I just switched back to sawfish because it (alone among the more modern
WMs, apparently) has enter-exit, and I prefer enter-exit for its
consistency, I find this situation kind of sad.  Does anyone know what's
up here?  Am I misreading the document?  It wouldn't be to hard to
define a new mode following the other information in this info node, but
I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Thanks, Ian.

Ian Zimmerman <itz buug org>
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