Re: enter-exit focus mode and warping

Ian> Hi, reading the info manual I see this in chapter Windows, article
Ian> Input Focus:

Ian>     `warp-if-necessary' Warp the cursor to the window if doing so
Ian> would make the cursor position "consistent" with the focus mode.
Ian> For example, in `enter-exit' mode we warp the cursor if it is not
Ian> already in this window.  In `enter-only' mode, we warp the cursor
Ian> if it is in another window, but not if it is over the desktop--a
Ian> window would not lose focus when the cursor moved from it to the
Ian> desktop.

Ian> This doesn't seem to be true, when switching focus by keyboard
Ian> cycling, sawfish will happily leave the cursor in the "old focus"
Ian> window.  Since I just switched back to sawfish because it (alone
Ian> among the more modern WMs, apparently) has enter-exit, and I prefer
Ian> enter-exit for its consistency, I find this situation kind of sad.
Ian> Does anyone know what's up here?  Am I misreading the document?  It
Ian> wouldn't be to hard to define a new mode following the other
Ian> information in this info node, but I don't want to reinvent the
Ian> wheel.

Update (sorry for self-followup): after reading a couple more info nodes,
I added the following to my .sawfishrc.  It didn't change anything!  Why?
It's as if W-Tab cycling didn't count as focus change :-(

(defun my-focus-hook (w mod)
  (warp-pointer-if-necessary w))

(add-hook 'focus-in-hook my-focus-hook)

Ian Zimmerman <itz buug org>
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