Re: xconsole mystery

Chris> Have you tried a window-matcher for xconsole to try to setup the
Chris> wanted behaviour?  

Yes, though I am somewhat confused if there's a matcher option to do
this.  There's "Iconified" under the State tab, but it doesn't
explicitly say "Ignore Iconify hint" which is more like what I need.  In
any case, I checked the Iconified option and set it to No, it didn't
help.  OTOH, sawfish does the right thing when I set the Sticky option
for this client, so it's not that it misses the window entirely or

Chris> And which version of sawfish are you using? If not you
Chris> can try updating.

1.3.3.  I am loath to go outside Debian, particularly for something like
sawfish which would likely drag in matching versions of rep etc.  I'll let
you know if it's fixed in that version when Debian upgrades :-)

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