Re: trayer crashes sawfish

fetchinson googlemail com (2008-12-24 at 1755.55 -0800):
> > 1. docker - - Opens a window, not
> > something that sticks to the background root window
> > 2. PerlPanel - - Doesn't compile
> > 3. pypanel - - Compiles but segfaults
> > (32bit vs 64bit issue)
> > 4. peksystray - - Opens a
> > window, not something that sticks to the background root window

If you want something to stick (in workspace or viewport sense), you
have to make it sticky if it does not ask for it itself. If you want
something to be lower than all other things and does not ask for it,
you have to set the depth accordingly. Look into window matchers for
all this.

> > After all of this I'm out of ideas. Trayer came the closest to
> > actually work, but it crashes sawfish as I described in the first
> > post.
> Hi folks, there seems to be a common theme to these panel/tray
> applications: many of them screw up sawfish's edge flipping. I have
> the following viewport settings:
> (define-special-variable viewport-dimensions '(3 . 2)
>     "Size of each virtual workspace.")
> and if I exit with the mouse from one of the viewports on the right,
> the mouse will appear on the left side of the next viewport. As if the
> viewport were physically next to each other.

They are physically next to each other, that is the point of
viewports, you can even slide the viewport partially or you can put
windows "half in one, half in other". Conceptually, in this case,
there is one viewport into a big workspace, sized integer * integer
times the viewport dimensions (another case is "infinite" workspace,
there is a script). If you want unrelated zones, like separated rooms,
try workspaces (you can get the "physicallity" of "move left",
"right", etc without getting the rest, I think it is called ws-grid).

> Now, after starting many of these panel/systray applications, this
> edge flipping stops working, and the mouse doesn't flip from right to
> left, but stays on the right of the new viewport.

Dunno if I understand correctly what is the problem. Did it keep on
flipping otherwise?

> In addition, several of these apps cause sawfish to freeze if the
> middle mouse button is pressed in order to bring up the main menu.
> So I'm guessing these are sawfish issues since these panel/systray
> apps behave (almost) the same in this regard.

Weird, but no idea what your menu is trying to do (or to be exact,
what is your root window keymap), so we need more info.

> Any comments that may shed some light on this?

1.3.1 is a bit old. Could you try a newer version to make sure it is
not fixed already? ;]


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