[IMPORTANT] librep on ppc64, fully renaming, reqs of librep/rep-gtk bumped and next release is 1.5.0

Hi all,

As I said earlier, I dropped rep.m4 from librep, providing an improved librep.pc (and rep-gtk.pc), now after the release I just updated
sawfish to use those two .pc files, since there have been changes to both files since 0.17.2 (librep) and 0.18.3 (rep-gtk), sawfish-svn
does now depend on 0.17.3 (librep) and 0.18.4 (rep-gtk).

The 1.3.5 released today, depends on librep 0.17 and rep-gtk 0.18.3, so distributors don't have to ship svn-versions.

A patch I comitted to librep yesterday makes it possible to compile librep on ppc64, so users of that arch can use sawfish, too now.
Furthermore I just added ebuilds to all three in trunk. 

The next release will be 1.5.0 (There has just been 1 vote for 1.3.6 (andrea) and 2 votes for 1.5.0 (janeck and me)).

Since 7 years ago sawmill was renamed to sawfish, it's ugly that there are still files with sawmill in their names (like man/sawmill.texi),
so for 1.5.0 I'll be going to fully move to the name sawfish.

So Including that there now 18 goals for 1.5.0. 5 are already assigned (1 to Scott, 2 to Andrea, 4 to me). So 11 goals are unassigned currently,
feel free to assign to a goal. If you have another Idea, add it to the list. Of course you can do what you want - you're not forced to only do what's
in the proposed goals list.

In 3 months librep 0.17.3 and rep-gtk 0.18.4 will be released, 3 months later sawfish 1.5.0, so if your sawfish change depends on librep/rep-gtk
change, you got 3 months for this.

Happy Hacking!

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