Sawfish + GNOME-Session >=2.23 = working now

Hi all,

good news for all users of gnome-session >= 2.23! I just found out why gnome-session >=2.23 did not autostart sawfish!
I updated the contents for sawfish.desktop (for /usr/share/applications) and added sawfish-wm.desktop (for /usr/share/gnome/wm-properties).

How to make gnome-session >=2.23 autostart sawfish: open gconf-editor. Then go to: desktop -> gnome -> session -> required_components
and change the value of "window-manager" to "sawfish" (if it's not already like that). If you used gnome-wm as a workaround before, you can remove
it from the autostart list via "gnome-session-properties".

(you need to download current SVN (rev4325 or newer), of course!)

Have Fun!


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