Re: Sawfish Release Candidate 1.3.4-rc1

GSR - FR said:     (by the date of Wed, 6 Aug 2008 03:19:20 +0200)

> > Do you think that you could also commit a modified version of
> > Cycle-hook patch? Teika already told us that he has some computer
> > problems, so he won't be able to modify the patch to use another name.
> Done with new name. Also changed white space, as the page feed char
> forced manual edit anyway.

thanks. I have that problem once too. And solved it in vim by typing
ctrl-V ctrl-L into patch file in correct place.

> Question that arised: What indent rules should we use? I use (mostly)
> emacs defaults without tabs (Sawfish mode installed), but I see the
> files have a mix of tabs+spaces and all spaces, so things get messy
> (as tab size in char cells differ, things move).

yes I've seen that tabs and spaces are mixed. But it looks good
with tabsize=8. I suppose that John was using spaces, but forgot to
disable automatic conversion (by the editor) of 8 spaces into 1 tab.
And that's why it's mixed.

Maybe we could convert all tabs into 8 spaces.... but maybe better
don't touch it if it's not "broken"? I dunno.

We could vote on that if you wish. You can add a wiki patch page for
that (but don't post a patch there, heheh ;) just a proposal to
reindent all codebase/replace tabs with 8 spaces...). It's up to you.

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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