Re: Tab support as experimental feature in 1.3.4 ?

* Janek Kozicki <janek_listy wp pl> wrote:
> I think that it's a good occasion to add tabs. Mark the feature 
> in sawfish-ui as "(EXPERIMENTAL)" next to the check-box which 
> enables it.

I may need some help getting things to show up in sawfish-ui, but 
I'll know more when I get there.  I have homework to do before 
asking any useful questions.

> The main point is to LET more people test it.

Yup.  I'll get changes in soon.  I've already added one of the 
themes, to work out the process.

> think that you could modify mxflat theme to be tab-enabled?

Sure.  It might not happen immediately, but I suspect it won't be 
very difficult.  The only problem is ... where is mxflat?  I 
don't see it anywhere.

-- Scott

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