Re: default for ignore-program-positions

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 8:25 PM, Mike Hokenson <gnome gozer org> wrote:


>  I should have read through the documentation better, but this seems like
>  an odd behavior to have enabled by default. It's nothing I recall from
>  my time with FVWM, Afterstep, or Window Maker, and is not present in the
>  *boxes... Is there a reason for this?

There is something in the changelog but nothing I would consider
relevant. Unless I select "none" as placement mode (don't know about
the others, I usually use "center") even if is set to nil (I'm talking
about the ignore-program-positions variable) windows positions are
overridden by the current placement mode, don't know if I'm doing it
wrong tho. Tried with Audacious and Nautilus...


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