default for ignore-program-positions

Since I started using sawfish (off and on), I've been fighting with
various windows not appearing where I expected them to. xchat(2),
audacious, (g)mplayer's controls, wine (steam's menus were particularly
weird), and even my tiny toolbar all followed the under-pointer
placement method. Many of these are GTK-based applications, and like my
toolbar, probably just use a gtk_window_move() or similar. At first I
configured fixed positions, later changing to place-mode=none. The other
day I thought I'd take a look at the source to try and write up my own
window placement routine so I wouldn't have to deal with this anymore,
only to notice there was a ignore-program-positions variable being

I should have read through the documentation better, but this seems like
an odd behavior to have enabled by default. It's nothing I recall from
my time with FVWM, Afterstep, or Window Maker, and is not present in the
*boxes... Is there a reason for this?



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