Re: Using _NET_WM properties for window names

rodrigo nul-unu com (2007-10-30 at 1750.01 -0600):
> > Going with non-xlfd will require testing and implementing the "more
> > than one font" support.
> Does that mean fontsets? There's code in fonts.c for that, but I've
> never tried to excercise it.

No, it means that if you set one thing to be FontA 10pix and other to
be FontB 20pix, you will get a really weird result, based in the order
things are drawn, sometimes you will get the right font, sometimes the

> > Then you just have to figure how to access old
> > fonts via new system (say you like Terminus or one of the Fixed), or
> > go with equivalent.
> >
> No content in that URL.

Uh? It works for me, the "." goes with the URL. You can navigate from if you prefer.
Maybe the page should just be moved to a dot less name.

> FWIW, currently the Debian package uses Pango and no one has complained
> about font handling.
> Is anyone still using sawfish and *unable* to use pango? In a related
> note, should we still try to maintain compatibility with old systems?
> There's code around to handle quirks in X11R4!

I guess people just accepted the limitation and / or keep on with
their xlfd fonts (and you have to avoid counting those that just use
one font for everything, all titles, cycle dialogs, etc). I know I
tried to move to all pango, hit the issue, and went back to all xlfd
except one font. :]


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