Using _NET_WM properties for window names

I've just submitted a patch to the wiki
to make sawfish use the _NET_WM properties (as per the EWMH spec) for
window names.

The idea itself ought to be uncontroversial. My implementation OTOH,
might not. In order to get everything working I made sawfish assume
all strings to be rendered to the screen are encoded as UTF-8. Why?
Because those properties are encoded so, and trying to convert back to
the user's encoding seems error prone and likely to loose information
(because window names may contain characters not in the user's
locale. Think browser windows looking at pages from far away places.)

Anyways, I'm requesting feedback on the patch.

Option a) Try to convince me to not do that, and in that case help me
implement the recoding.

Option b) Jump with glee at sawfish slowly approaching the 21st century
and help me do something about text rendering with "normal" xlfd
fonts, which I punted completely. Convincing me and the list that we
should just drop that counts as helping me ;)

Option c) (For the brave) Help me do something about rep's complete
lack of any idea about text encodings and then help me convert sawfish
to whatever scheme we come up with.

Option d) Something else I never tought of.


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