Re: Using _NET_WM properties for window names

rodrigo nul-unu com (2007-10-30 at 0258.30 -0600):
> I've just submitted a patch to the wiki
> to make sawfish use the _NET_WM properties (as per the EWMH spec) for
> window names.
> The idea itself ought to be uncontroversial. My implementation OTOH,
> might not. In order to get everything working I made sawfish assume
> all strings to be rendered to the screen are encoded as UTF-8. Why?

Probably the sanest solution, just next release will have to be marked
with a huge "Reencode your strings in utf-8".

> Option b) Jump with glee at sawfish slowly approaching the 21st century
> and help me do something about text rendering with "normal" xlfd
> fonts, which I punted completely. Convincing me and the list that we
> should just drop that counts as helping me ;)

Going with non-xlfd will require testing and implementing the "more
than one font" support. Then you just have to figure how to access old
fonts via new system (say you like Terminus or one of the Fixed), or
go with equivalent.

For reference, migrating to new names (that still refer to the old
font data files) can be done with some testing via xfontsel, ftstring,
fc-match and .

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