Re: judging 500+ themes - categories for giving points

Michael V. DePalatis said:     (by the date of Mon, 26 Nov 2007 15:35:26 -0500)

> > - number of theme config customization options (just count them) - 88
> > - number of title config options - 26
> > - number of buttons config options - 38
> > - number of borders config options - 24
> However, what I do not like about this is the usefulness of such a
> system. Do we get any really useful information by simply counting the
> number of options a theme gives you? That seems like a rather
> arbitrary thing to "rank" themes on.

please suggest some more categories. It just struck me that
counting those options four times is too much. Perhaps a single
"number of theme config options" should be enough.

But how about other categories, please go on! Try to make up some
categories and give them a score for your current theme that you are

With this system it's possible to sort by *any* category, so the more
meaningful they are - the better.

But I cannot think of a 'scoring' method, where every wiki reader
could give from 1 to 10 stars for each theme, and wiki would show us
the average... I dunno if it's possible on wikia.

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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