judging 500+ themes - categories for giving points


with 500+ themes listed on our wiki it gets difficult to find
anything useful. Fortunately the automated article listing on wiki
can help us.

Just like with scripts listing, we can have themes listed and sorted
by various categories. My idea is to create several categories and
give points/names for each theme in those categories. 
Over time we will look at each theme and give it points ;-)

To make things simpler, only few categories will be about how "nice
looking" it is. Other points should be person likes/dislikes *independent*.
So it will be simpler to "fill the form" about each theme. 

So, I was thinking about following categories:
(also I give the answer for my current theme mxflat)

- number of theme config customization options (just count them) - 88
- number of title config options - 26
- number of buttons config options - 38
- number of borders config options - 24
- number of customizable colors to set in the config - 24
- default theme color - green
- theme nice-lookiness (from 0 to 10) - 7
- uses textures? - no
- lightness (from 0 to 10, 10=heavy) - 3

any other categories you can think of?

If we put this info about each theme, then it will be possible to
automatically sort them in the wiki in a wiki-generated table

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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