Re: Make progams open windows in specified workspace

 <reg-sawfish <at>> writes:
> Can someone tell me how to make program windows open in a specified
> desktop? I'm using and sawfish only, and want to build a
> customized startup script that opens several xterms and firefox but I
> can't find a way to specify a workspace to open in.

What I did in some simple script was to call

sawfish-client -e '(set-screen-viewport 0 1)'

and then start up the applications I wanted there, then switch back
with a similar incantation.

> I guess it's more than a simple parameter, like first switching the
> workspace and then open the window? But it doesn't seems like a very
> good solution because you don't even know how long to want for the
> window to open in most cases.

If sleeping "long enough" is intolerable, maybe you can get xtoolwait to work.
I dropped it at some point but I can't remember why; probably it was missing from
some distro I happened to be using temporarily and then I let it go in order to
not have to run different versions of the scripts depending on whether it was
available or not.

Sorry for the late reply; hope this still might help somebody,

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