Re: Where to report Sawfish bugs?

On 5/11/07, era eriksson <era+gmane iki fi> wrote:

(If and when the new and improved location for the wiki is decided, maybe that
should be added to the bug, too.)

As an update to the situation, i've requested the wiki to be hosted on a month ago ( ) but haven't had a
reply yet.

Is there a current bugzilla or other bug tracker which would be the recommended
place for reporting problems with Sawfish?  Or is it even the Gnome bugzilla,

Nope, development stopped circa 4 years ago (Eazel went tits up, John
Harper was hired by Apple, Metacity was introduced as the default
Gnome WM), so when something breaks i report here, as there are still
skilled users using it that follow this mailing list...


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