Re: reviving sawfish development.

Hi John,

John Harper <jsh unfactored org> writes:
> core project. (I also see no need to make "releases" from the  
> repository, it's stable enough that grabbing the code from svn is  
> equivalent.)

The lack of bug fix releases is limiting it's availability and
leading to the perception that sawfish is dead or dying.  This
cascades into less interest and less availability.

The BSD package system doesn't build from sources releases; so
it uses the last stable release and some set of patches that are
in the port system.  No idea what these patches correspond to in
the source tree.  This is the good part.  Where I worked, with
admin managed linux system, the few sawfish users have given up.
There are no sawfish RPM that work on the CentOS version we run,
so the admins will not install it.  My attempts to compile from
the source have lead to a waste of time with some autoconf
compatibility nightmare.

While I would hate to see sawfish degenerate from people going
crazy adding features, if the software is not easily available,
it's also not usable.  Either way, a very fine piece of work
will be die.


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