Re: Sawfish release 1.3.1

Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz said:     (by the date of Sun, 29 Jul 2007 21:17:57 -0500)

> On Mon, Jul 30, 2007 at 11:44:27AM +1000, Allan Duncan wrote:
> > Should this contain "configure", or is there a generating method
> > I should know?
> It should, but was missed. You can generate it, just install
> automake/autoconf and friends and run
> aclocal
> autoconf
> in the unpacked dir.

oops, I'm sorry - I didn't run autotools before making the tarball.
That's because I have only experience with releasing stuff that uses
qmake or scons - not autotools. Time to learn sth new :-)

I can replace the tarball on download, with the one where 
I execute 'aclocal && autoconf', should I do that?

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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