Sawfish release 1.3.1


I am really happy to announce the sawfish release 1.3.1, see news on
our official sawfish site:

Original announcement:

The first release after the Sawfish author, John Harper, resigned
from Sawfish maintainership and the Sawfish community took over.

The release 1.3.1 is to let people know about the revival of Sawfish
development and that the process of collecting patches for the next
release 1.3.2 has started. Please send your local or
distribution-specific patches to the sawfish mailing list for
consideration. Documentation was updated with v0.11 from Derek Upham,
a tool for automatic screenshot generation of huge number of themes
from Scott Scriven was added and a detection for Xrandr extension
from Philip Langdale was added. 



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sawfish mailing list:

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