Re: sawfish version numbres of next releases.

psyquark gmail com (2007-07-01 at 1251.35 -0400):
> This extension does not need to be done on the same X connection as
> the WM.  The first implementations, xcompmgr and glxcompmgr, were
> completely separate programs.  This means that the XComposite support
> can and should be developed first as a separate librep program+plugin.

xcompmgr was a proof of concept, last release was in 2005, also a bit
slow / cpu intensive with even a minimal 1pix blur shadow, and it has
some issues (root window going black and keeping old data, gtk1 apps
requiring tricks). What I have heard is that the prefered approach is
to combine with wm to reduce overhead and be more featureful.


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