Re: reviving sawfish development - conclusion

Robert Personen said:     (by the date of Sun, 1 Jul 2007 15:41:05 -0400)

> It is good that someone is willing to step up and be a project manager
> (even if not a developer).

I'm trying to do my best :-) Thanks

> Is there any interest in taking over librep and rep-gtk maintenance?
> librep might have some patches (and definitely needs documentation)
> and rep-gtk could probably use some updates to support new gtk2
> features.

I see, John also has them in the gnome SVN repository. We will see
when people will start submitting patches after the release. If
necessary we will patch also them.

> I would have to agree with what others have already said, there does
> not seem to be enough changes in SVN or from other sources to warrant
> a 2.0 release.  I would say a 1.3.1 release from SVN if it is stable
> and then maybe a 1.4 release including any other patches that are
> still out there.

please take part in the voting :)


> The goal for a 2.0 release should not be to add compositing fun but
> rather to cleanup, modularize and understand the current code base.  I
> would hope that sawfish would be separated into a few parts: a
> loader/stub (sawfish and sawfish-client), the base X bindings
> (rep-X11), the base lisp code that drives the WM, lisp extensions and
> rep extensions.  The reason is that it would allow for easier
> documentation/planning and allow for a move to XCB if desired.
> All the base functionality required for those 3d tricks should be
> developed as separate modules and stand alone apps before any attempt
> is made to integrate it with the main WM.   None of them require being
> in the same address space and environment as sawfish for the purposes
> of testing base functionality and base use.  Developing the bindings
> and using them in the WM at the same time will only bring instability
> and headaches.  Once the the base functionality is stable (API and
> code) then the base sawfish can be configured to detect and use the
> new modules.

thank you for this insightful input. I can see that you are well
knowledgeable about the topic (more than me!), so I hope that you
will be able also to help here. Contributing in the wiki will be a
good start. Helping with code and patches - even better!

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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