Re: reviving sawfish development - conclusion

On Sun, Jul 01, 2007 at 03:41:05PM -0400, Robert Personen wrote:
> >1. make a new sawfish release from current SVN, name it 2.0 since it
> >   is a release after many years.
> I would have to agree with what others have already said, there does
> not seem to be enough changes in SVN or from other sources to warrant
> a 2.0 release.  I would say a 1.3.1 release from SVN if it is stable
> and then maybe a 1.4 release including any other patches that are
> still out there.

Me too ;-)

SVN trunk so stable that it's what we release for Debian. (Well,
Debian etch was released with a CVS checkout, but that's just because
it was frozen before gnome finished its migration to svn. The only
other changes to date are translations.) Thus, I completely agree a
1.3.1 from there is the right thing.

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