Re: Sawfish tabs

* Ferk <ferkiwi+m gmail com> wrote:
> I've started using sawfish and found some wonderful scripts.  I
> love the fluxbox-like tab idea for sawfish shown here:
> sawfish/ by Wumpa and Yann


BTW, where did you get the idea that my name is wumpa?

> However, I'm not really sure how I should start using it.

To put a window into a tab group, I normally do this:

  - Place the mouse in the window.  Press Hyper-g.
  - Move the mouse to the tab group.  Press Hyper-g.

To remove a window from a tab group:

  - Place the mouse in the window.  Press Hyper-g twice.

This is, of course, using my keybindings.  Yours may differ.

The bindings and behavior don't work as well as fluxbox, but they
work well enough for my use.  I don't know enough about rep and
sawfish to make changes quickly, and I was never able to make
certain things work right.  For example, setting the sticky state
does not apply to the entire tab group.  And I have no way to
raise/lower the entire group as one unit, so you can actually
stack other windows between tab group layers, as shown here:
  (if access is denied, copy/paste the address instead of
  clicking it, to bypass the referer check)

> I think that I installed it the correct way. I even tweaked a
> bit the Crux theme to enable tabs for it,

Could I get a copy of that theme?  I only have one tab-compatible
theme so far.

> and the tabs seem to react correctly to Button1/
> Button2/Button3 commands set on tab-keymap.jl. But each window
> has only 1 tab and I don't know how to set tab groups so I can
> cycle through them

I've never tried to cycle between tab groups, but I have keys for
cycling within a tab group.  I bound C-Tab and M-Tab to raise the
next/previous window in a tab group.

-- Scott

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