Re: what is wrong with my ".sawfishrc" file?

> (bind-keys global-keymap
>  "C-m"       (system "xmms &")
>  "C-t"       (system "terminal &")
>  "C-M-g      'emacs)

 (bind-keys global-keymap
   "C-m"       '(system "xmms &")
   "C-t"       '(system "terminal &")
   "C-M-g"     'emacs))

Here I suppose emacs is the name of some sawfish function you've
already defined (something as '(system "emacs &")).


Note that you need to escape the command to bind to avoid evaluation:

what does that mean?

if you don't the expression value will be put in the binding (and not
the function you want to execute).

swept above my head

Another suggestion: "C-m", "C-t" and similiar command will easily
conflict with other application keybindings (such as emacs) so you
should avoid to use control as modifier for the WM/DE: you can use
instead some combination of super.

i agree. i used "Super key" earlier but as i told you nothing works. i
used this:

(bind-keys global-keymap
 "Super_L-m"       (system "xmms &"))

i have 2 Super keys on both sides of "space" button of my keyboard
(when i press those keys on Windows, i get Windows menu)

Stefano Sabatini
Linux user number 337176 (see

you made the correction (in the web-address)


Linux registered user #439610

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