Re: Wiki maintainer wanted

dreid dreid org (2007-04-09 at 0926.45 -0700):
> I too have migrated away from sawfish (in fact I've migrated my  
> desktop to another OS entirely) however I'd be more than willing to  
> oversee the migration to something like  In which  
> case the security becomes "someone elses problem" which is the best  
> kind of problem to have.  It'd be a shame to let the wiki die again.   
> Of course I'll only really put in the effort to migrate if the rest  
> of the "community" is going to actually use the wiki, and if no one  
> else is willing to take some sort of responsibility for it.

PB, or similar "we put the service, you put the text" site, sounds
like a nice idea as community would had to only care about content.
Which reminds me I recently found a handful of scripts that could be
uploaded somewhere... should I wait?


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