Wiki maintainer wanted


I am the current "maintainer" of the Sawfish Wiki. I put maintainer
under double quotes because I hardly deserve that title. I migrated to
another window manager and I'm therefore no sawfish user anymore. My
interest in maintaining this wiki is low, but it certainly needs
maintainance as every PHP software needs constant care for
security. Next to upgrading pmwiki, a captcha plugin should be

Pmwiki is easy to install, just drop the tar ball into a php-enabled
server. No database needed. I also volunteer to clean up the spam that
accumulated in the wiki before migration.

Please step forward, if you have an interest in this resource being
available, and you are interested in taking over the maintainer
ship. would then be configured to emit a
redirect to your location.

My plan B is turn this wiki into a static set of web pages,
and disabling PHP/pmwiki, effectively killing the wiki.
Fruhwirth Clemens - 

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