Re: Figure out why it beeps

This one I solved. I just forgot to download remote-application.jl, url.jl depends on it.

I still however don't know how to debug *.jl files.

After solving the fist problem appeared the next.

  "Remote-application failed to start an instance!"

This error I get while issuing a command with something sensible

  (lookup "google" t t)

The new mozilla-firefox window appears in spite the fact that one is
present already, but this new Mozilla's window is empty.

If you didn't read my first message on the same subject, I'll
repeat. I'm trying to get LOOKUP.JL get working ( ).

I'm using Debian, Sarge

  $ dpkg -l | egrep 'librep-dev|mozilla|sawfish'
  ii  librep-dev                     0.17-7                         development libraries and headers for librep
  ii  mozilla-firefox                1.0.4-2sarge7                  lightweight web browser based on Mozilla
  ii  sawfish                        1.3+cvs20050222-1              a window manager for X11

  $ ls ~/.sawfish/lisp
  debian-menu.jl	iswitch-window.jl  javadoc.jl  lookup.jl  remote-application.jl  string2.jl  url.jl

Would appreciate any clue how to get it working.

-- Vladimir Zolotykh

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