Figure out why it beeps

Was reading 'Building a Better Window Manager' at  Stumbled
onto a difficulty.

  (require 'lookup)

only beeps (this is kind of telling me something is wrong I guess, I'd
say it's a bit more terse than I'd prefer it'd be). I got lookup.jl
and companions at address suggested in the article in question.

  user> load-path
  ("/home/vlz/.sawfish/lisp" "/usr/share/sawfish/1.3/lisp" "/usr/share/sawfish/site-lisp" "/usr/share/rep/0.17/lisp" "/usr/share/rep/site-lisp" "." "/var/lib/sawfish")

  $ ls ~/.sawfish/lisp
  debian-menu.jl	iswitch-window.jl  javadoc.jl  lookup.jl  string2.jl  url.jl

All works for another module (not related to lookup.jl)

  user> (require 'iswitch-window)

I'm using Debian, Sarge

  dpkg -l librep-dev
  $ dpkg -l librep-dev
  ii  librep-dev                    0.17-7                        development libraries and headers for librep

Is there a way to learn why (require 'lookup) beeps with more
detail?. Some error message maybe?

Vladimir Zolotykh

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