Re: enter-only focus problem

On Tue, 20 Jun 2006 00:04:24 +1000, Vladimir Zolotykh <gsmith eurocom od ua> wrote:

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006 16:53:35 +1000
"Eric Mangold" <teratorn world-net net> wrote:

Perhaps root-window-keymap is what you want? Have a look here:

I guess you're right. It is indeed what I need. Your 'better question'
I can't answer. I'm not that familiar with the Sawfish :( Only can say
that it indeed works for me if I set Click focus. I'd like to know
Sawfish better but has been unable to find any apt document. The only
one I have is 'This is Edition 0.6 of its documentation, last updated
12 December 1999 for Sawfish version 0.19.' included in my Debian
Sarge sawfish package. Probably the same you quoted, I can't say it is
very suitable for learning Sawfish, it seems to me more like a
reference for the one already familiar with the subject. Do you know
something appropriate, kind of tutorial or like?

The best place to start is the wiki:

As you will find there, the latest API docs are here:

Librep is the programming language that sawfish is primarily written in (the other being C). Here's a quick blurb about Librep:

As you can see it's a Lisp dialect, so as long as you understand the relatively minor differences between other dialects you will be able to apply lisp knowledge you learn anywhere else. The Librep manual is here:

I don't really what the best generally applicable Lisp tutorials are. Anyone?


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