enter-only focus problem

Found a strange misbehaviour when focus set to "enter-only" (or maybe
it's my error in some settings ?).

In ~/.sawfishrc I have

  (bind-keys global-keymap "Button3-Click" '(popup-menu my-menu))

When I right-click outside any open window I get my-menu

When my focus is set to "Click" and I right-click on something
sensible in the focused window I get an application's specific context
menu. For example, if I right click on the Trash folder in the Folder
pane of the Sylpheed window I get Sylpheed context menu containing
"Create new folder" etc. It's normal I believe.

However, if I set focus to "enter-only" then moving mouse pointer
within bounds of the Sylpheed window and right clicking on the same
Trash folder gives me my-menu (not Sylpheed menu) as if I were cliking
outside any window. Visually Sylpheed window look as if it were
focused (window's title bar color etc.). The same is with any other

I can't make neither head nor tail of this. Could you please help ?

Vladimir Zolotykh

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