Re: Why does sawfish draw windows as inactive while other wms draw them as active when a menu pops up?

On Mon, Jan 02, 2006 at 10:42:33PM +1100, Eric Mangold wrote:
> On Mon, 02 Jan 2006 22:33:56 +1100, Harald van Dijk <truedfx gentoo org>  
> wrote:
> >On Mon, Jan 02, 2006 at 09:37:30PM +1100, Eric Mangold wrote:
> >>I'm not sure I know what you're talking about. Could you give specific
> >>examples?
> >
> >Okay, I'll ask again with a very specific example:
> >
> >With Alt-F3 bound to popup-window-menu in window-keymap, but otherwise
> >no settings changed from the defaults at all, if I press Alt-F3 the
> >title bar colours change from blue/grey (default theme being Crux) to
> >full grey. Instead, I would like the title bar colours to remain
> >unchanged.
> >
> >I now see that with the default Alt+middle-click binding this doesn't
> >always happen, which may explain why you didn't see what I was talking
> >about: if I click in the client area, the title bar colours change, but
> >if I click on the frame (buttons included), they don't.
> Yes, I see the same behavior: popup-window-menu either via Alt+middle  
> click in the client area, or via a key binding will unfocus the client  
> window. But Alt+middle click anywhere on the title bar, or via clicking  
> the button, does not unfocus.
> >My second example was any KDE application: if I open kcontrol, and click
> >any menu item, the title bar colours change. If I move the mouse to a
> >second menu title, the first menu disappears, the title bar colours are
> >blue/grey again for a very short time, the second menu opens, and
> >immediately the title bar is drawn in full grey again.
> >
> >Sorry for not being clear enough the first time.
> Yes, I see the same thing with KDE apps but not with GTK apps. My only  
> conclusion is that GTK does not use seperate top-level windows for the  
> menus and KDE does. Either that, or GTK creates the windows in a different  
> way. Sorry, I'm not familiar with X at that level :(
> Is this a real problem for you? If yes, how so?

Mostly it's just a minor annoyance which made me wonder if there's a
reason for it. In specific situations it can be a problem though; the
first menu sawfish opens always has a bit of a delay, so sometimes I'm
not sure which window's menu got opened if I'm concentrating on
something else, and I have to close the menu only to reopen it. But I
suppose that could be solved with that menu position patch that was
posted to this list recently, which would make it possible to have
another way to tell which window's menu it is, and then this is again
just a minor annoyance.

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