Re: Why does sawfish draw windows as inactive while other wms draw them as active when a menu pops up?

On Mon, 02 Jan 2006 22:33:56 +1100, Harald van Dijk <truedfx gentoo org> wrote:

On Mon, Jan 02, 2006 at 09:37:30PM +1100, Eric Mangold wrote:
I'm not sure I know what you're talking about. Could you give specific

Okay, I'll ask again with a very specific example:

With Alt-F3 bound to popup-window-menu in window-keymap, but otherwise
no settings changed from the defaults at all, if I press Alt-F3 the
title bar colours change from blue/grey (default theme being Crux) to
full grey. Instead, I would like the title bar colours to remain

I now see that with the default Alt+middle-click binding this doesn't
always happen, which may explain why you didn't see what I was talking
about: if I click in the client area, the title bar colours change, but
if I click on the frame (buttons included), they don't.

Yes, I see the same behavior: popup-window-menu either via Alt+middle click in the client area, or via a key binding will unfocus the client window. But Alt+middle click anywhere on the title bar, or via clicking the button, does not unfocus.

My second example was any KDE application: if I open kcontrol, and click
any menu item, the title bar colours change. If I move the mouse to a
second menu title, the first menu disappears, the title bar colours are
blue/grey again for a very short time, the second menu opens, and
immediately the title bar is drawn in full grey again.

Sorry for not being clear enough the first time.

Yes, I see the same thing with KDE apps but not with GTK apps. My only conclusion is that GTK does not use seperate top-level windows for the menus and KDE does. Either that, or GTK creates the windows in a different way. Sorry, I'm not familiar with X at that level :(

Is this a real problem for you? If yes, how so?


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