Sawfish crash with gui.gtk-2.gtk


I'm running sawfish 1:1.3+cvs20050222-1 with rep-gtk 0.18-6 on debian
sarge, but the following also happens on debian unstable.  Since I
can't find anything remotely connected to the problem in the list
archives, I dare complain before littering my /usr/local with a
binary from cvs sources.

Well, try the following (in a sawfish that doesn't manage any windows you
care about):

sawfish-client -c "(require 'gui.gtk-2.gtk)"

and close the xterm again.

Sawfish should crash with an X error.  On my machine, it's mostly
BadWindow, but I've seen RenderBadPicture, too.

Now, being rather new to sawfish (and not being too much of an X
wizard either) I'm a bit daunted by the perspective of having to
analyze a problem of this type, even more since I'm not even sure I'm
allowed to tinker with raw gtk in this way.  Thus, I'd be grateful
for any comment on this matter.



(who hasn't yet received a subscription confirmation and would
therefore appreciate being cc'ed)

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