Re: function to maximize current window

On 8/20/06, Peter Rayner <peter rayner cea fr> wrote:
I'm a new subscriber and new sawfish user.  I'm also one of a few
totally blind users using sawfish for its command-driven control and
lisp interface.  My first effort (like most first efforts) failed.
I'd like to write a function to maximize the current window to
full-screen.  the following looks like it should work and, obviously,
 (window-maximize-fullscreen (input-focus) t)
the input-focus call looks ok since
(window-dimensions (input-focus))
does the right thing.
The maximize call, however, produces only a beep and no extra output I
can notice, certainly no change in the window.

I suppose you are trying to use the "sawfish-client", i think the
default is to send error messages to your ~/.xsession-errors, i've
read somewhere that you can change it to stderror.

I'm far from  a Sawfish expert, said that i wasn't able to find the
"window-maximize-fullscreen" function. After issuing

(require 'sawfish.wm.state.maximize)

i was able to use the "maximize-window-toggle" function as suggested by Yoshiaki

(maximize-window-toggle (input-focus))

Hope this could help.


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