Re: Xinerama setup windows placed on wrong head/position

Willy W said:     (by the date of Wed, 09 Aug 2006 10:56:23 +0200)

> I take everything (dirty hack, patch, suggestion ...) ):

I have dualhead too. But I configured sawfish to open windows     
'under mouse pointer' and I like it that way. With window matching I
have selected few windows to open in 'place-mode=interactively'.

I have too noticed that 'cenetered' is broken for dualhead, but it
doesn't disturb me that much, More annoying is sometimes when a window
opens in *different* viewport. This is very common with gimp's dialog
windows. That's where I use 'place-mode=interactively' to fix that.

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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