Re: Why does Sawfish dislike KDE dockable applications?

>>>>> "AG" == Amit Gurdasani <gurdasani gmx net> writes:

    AG> I use sid's Sawfish with KDE 3.4 (off
    AG> and previously with KDE 3.3 from Debian and I ran into no such
    AG> issue. 

I experienced the problem with previous KDE versions too.  It appeared
to me first about half a year ago.  It might be after some Sawfish
upgrade, but I don't know, I've found that Sawfish is the cause of the
problem only recently.

    AG> How are you starting Sawfish, by the way? 

Either by

  exec sawfish

in my ~/.xsession or automatically from gnome-session.  The problem
occurs in both cases.


Milan Zamazal

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