Re: [sawfish-list] Weird sawfish bug with named pipes

:I'm working a python app right now. It persistently runs in the background,
:and then when the string "show-menu" is put into a named pipe called
:menutriggerpipe, the app reads this and has a menu popup.
:If I do "echo show-menu >> menutriggerpipe" by hand in the console, this
:works. If I run sawfish-client and do (system "echo show-menu >>
:menutriggerpipe") this works. If I bind the shell command to a key in
:OpenBox, this works.
:If I bind it to a key using either the Bindings configurer or by hand in my
:.sawfishrc, this does not work with sawfish. My app uses the pygtk library
:and will get stuck indefinitely in gtk.main() and never draw the menu for
:some reason if I have sawfish do the message through a binding. The message
:is received, and it is the correct message, but for some reason completely
:unbeknownst to me gtk.main() will get stuck.
:At first I thought this maybe a pygtk bug, but seeing as it works by hand
:in the terminal, in sawfish-client, and it works as a binding in OpenBox, I
:figure it has to be a sawfish bug.
:If someone needs my code to fix it let me know,

Could it be receiving a SIGTTIN/SIGTTOU and suspending? Try redirecting standard input, standard output and standard error to /dev/null and run with nohup (though it sounds like it isn't terminating anyway).


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