Re: [sawfish-list] Why does Sawfish dislike KDE dockable applications?

:I use Sawfish from Debian testing/unstable.  When I start a KDE
:application which docks into the system tray, its system tray icon
:usually jumps over the screen crazily, either "forever" (until my
:patience gets exhausted and I kill the application) or until it succeeds
:in allocating an an extra large space in the system tray and parks
:there.  It looks like Sawfish is competing with the system tray, wanting
:to swallow the system tray icon and put it into a window.
:This happens only with Sawfish and KDE applications.  It doesn't happen
:with other window manages (e.g. Metacity or kwin) nor with Gnome
:How can I prevent this problem occurring?
:Thanks for any advice.
:Milan Zamazal

I use sid's Sawfish with KDE 3.4 (off and 
previously with KDE 3.3 from Debian and I ran into no such issue. I have a 
number of KDE applications that create system notification area icons and 
others that act as panel applets and I haven't seen any issues like this.

How are you starting Sawfish, by the way? (The recommended means is to set 
the KDEWM environment variable before exec startkde in your .xinitrc or 
.xsession script.)


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