trouble with viewports

hi all,

i did my good deed for the day yesterday by posting to the fedora list
the fact that sawfish was available for fedora and told them how to use
it based on all the info that you guys sent me. that was in response to
older post by someone bemoaning the fact that fedora is coming up short
on a good window manager.

i hope it brings more people back to sawfish.

now, for the question of the day.  i'm having trouble with the
viewports.  i uncommented the first of the viewport options in the
.sawfishrc file:
;; viewport options

  (define-special-variable viewport-dimensions '(3 . 2)
    "Size of each virtual workspace.")

;;  (define-special-variable uniconify-to-current-viewport t
;;    "Windows uniconify to the current viewport.")

;;  (define-special-variable workspace-boundary-mode 'stop
;;    "How to act when passing the first or last workspace, one of
;;`stop', `wrap-around' or `keep-going'")

i changed the dimensions from '(1 . 1)  to '(3 . 2), and on starting
sawfish,  i had 3 columns and 2 rows, which is a little different from
the m by n matrix with m rows and n columns, (i had initially chosen '(2
. 3)).  the problem is that only 1 viewport shows up in the six pack
configuration, and it appears in the top, leftmost position

 |x |  |  |

the rest of them are blank white squares

these are the other pertinent things i uncommented that concern
;; customization options

  (define-special-variable customize-program "sawfish-ui"
    "Location of the program implementing sawfish's configuration

  (define-special-variable customize-group-opt "--group")

  (define-special-variable customize-show-symbols nil
    "Show variable names of each customization option.")

  (define-special-variable customize-command-classes '(default)
    "Also include commands of these classes the key bindings panel.
Add the `viewport' keyboard to make viewport commands show up.")


i don't know what the last one really does.

i can't use sawfish as a window manager until i can get the viewports to
work correctly, and i'd really like to get it going because i really
miss it and my productivity goes up when i use it.  i'm kind of
paralyzed from the shoulders down from a diving accident and the
viewports and window snap make it a lot easier to position windows.


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