Re: [sawfish-list] total newb-er question: how to make fc3 use sawfish in a gnome-session

:awright, laugh, giggle, shake your head in disgust, but i just want to
:know how to make fc3 behave like my trusty rh7.3 desktop.  i don't
:tolerate bluecurve/metacity very well.  it's like shoes that don't fit
:right. no window snap or viewports. uggh.
:i read the doc, faq, hacking, install, news, options, and readme.  also,
:i scanned the mailing list for topics related.  none of these really
:tell how to supplant bluecurve/metacity.  i tried changing the desktop
:thru /.gconf/desktop/gnome/application/window_manager/%gconf.xml.
:it didn't work.
:in 'red hat linux fedora 3 unleashed' it said to just edit the .xinitrc
:and add xsetroot,  gnome-panel, and finally sawfish.
:but, i figured, since rh7.3 had a gnome-session with sawfish as the
:reigning window manager,there was no reason fedora 3 couldn't have the
:same.  i just don't know how to do it.
:so, i soliciting suggestions.
:philip dahlquist


gconftool-2 -t string -s /desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/default /usr/bin/sawfish

(That's all one line, by the way, and is what the erstwhile pref used to 


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